Bwahahah @alexbracken #thedarkestminds has shattered another soul. Did I or did I not tell you it was fucking amazing @jessiemarvel ? After your mourning period you can pick up #intime then #neverfade and wait not so patiently for #sparksrise #intheafterlight with me 😂

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Kidecals has done it again!

Kidecals has done it again!

Some of you might remember this reviewI did for Kidecals a while back. They gave me a credit to order whatever I wanted from the site to review. That was a lot of fun and after several months I can honestly say that there is no comparison when it comes to durability. When I was contacted to try out their new waterproof labels, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only was it the perfect timing with…

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Book Hangover | When the Words Stop

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Uh oh it’s a Batman face off… Looks like someone is going to need a new home. Is that a giveaway I sense coming up?!?!?! Keep your eyes peeled ;) #luminosus

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Beautiful native american wisdom. I first heard this tale in a native american course at uni

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Gotta love the mixtape :D

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#bookaddict want to buy more books but my bank account says nope. #thestruggleisreal

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Rolling along….

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We were liars = what the fuck.

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I believe I was tagged a millennia ago by @jessiemarvel so here we go … 1. My books always keep their clothes on. Idk it’s weird for me to take off the dust jacket. 2. BOOKMARK! never would I ever fold a page. That is just book torture. 3. I love having my favorites in hardcover but I do like some paperbacks like my contemporary YA. 4. I try to read one book at a time but I have been known to read 2 sometimes. 5. #No preference last book I read with pictures didn’t leave me too excited so as long as the story is good idc. 6. Again no preference as long as the story is good idc. Just give me a good plot and some great plot twists and I am happy :D sooo I Tag @bookcrastinators @whatanerdgirlsays and anyone else that’s wants to do it #booktag

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Reblog this if you actually want your followers to talk to you, and that you don’t think them to be annoying. Let them know they have nothing to be nervous about.

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#Repost from @jessiemarvel —- @ergo_luminosus thinks I need to read this series, like yesterday. Here we go. #TheDarkestMinds #AlexandraBracken #IReadYA

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I keep updating it so here is a new pic of “Where the magic happen” #homeoffice #craftspot #booknook #thisiswhereiblog

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15 second book shelf tour #bookporn #somanybooks #ifyoudontreadyoucantsitwithus

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Woop! It’s a fangirl party! #doctorwho #guardiansofthegalaxy #batman #harleyquinn #beautyandthebeast #khaldrogo #sally #belle #catwoman #robin #funkopop #comics @originalfunko

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