Working on a pretty awesome #TheDarkestMinds post going up up Monday Sept. 8th. It’s a don’t miss. @alexbracken #NeverFade #InTime #SparksRise #InTheAfterlight #alexandrabracken

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@alexbracken does it yet again. She really knows how to get you right on the feels. Omg! I have to admit I was kind of not into Sam in #thedarkestminds because I thought she was being a little bit of a meaner. #Sparksrise completely changed my mind about her. I love Sam so much and omg I just cried at the end and the I got to read the #Intheafterlight sneak peak and I wanted to cry because it’s not the full book. Ahhhh sooo many feels though. If you haven’t picked up this series idk what you are waiting for. I recommend these books so hard I might explode. #bookrecommendation

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So this had to happen! @jessiemarvel #sparksrise #thedarkestminds @alexbracken I am so excited but sad I can’t read it till I get some homework done! So not loving college right now.

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Day 1 August wrap up #BSMphotoaday @booksoulmates … #the5thwave #Islaandthehappilyeverafter #lasttraintobabylon #losingit I am so behind on reviews ahhh!

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New book review and giveaway! #thekissofdeception #maryepearson #bookgiveaway #bookrecommendation #books

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The Kiss of Deception Spoiler Free Review

The Kiss of Deception Spoiler Free Review

Title: The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles #1)
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Published: Henry Holt and Co. 
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 486
ISBN: 9780805099232
Where to Buy? The Book Depository | $16.88 Hardcover | $8.93 Paperback Pre-order| with Free Shipping to these countries | Or | Amazon |abebooks USabebooks UK |

Rating: 10/5 Stars (Or you know 5 out of 5… I really loved this book!)

“Who was…

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Also got this in the mail #alittlesomethingdifferent by #sandyhall

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"I can’t believe that adults get to do this every day. And I don’t even mean sex, though it’s wonderful, but things like this. Brushing our teeth at the same sink. Do adults realize how lucky they are? Or do they forget that these small moments are actually small miracles? I don’t want to ever forget." Just finished reading #Islaandthehappilyeverafter and omg it was everything I hoped for and more. This excerpt in particular really hit me in my soft spot. Great work as usual by #stephanieperkins

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Giveaway Time!

Giveaway still open!

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And look #thebookdepository sent me 4 #bookmarks theyvare so pretty and definitely on there way to the laminator. Thanks but I won’t be needing them when I start #Islaandthehappilyeverafter 😉

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I seriously don’t remember ordering these. #shopaholic Except for #Islaandthehappilyeverafter been waiting for it from #thebookdepository the rest came from #bookoutlet I guess the savings are just too good to only get one book. haha. & #usesforboys came signed 😀 #bookporn

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#supremebeing #exterminate #dalek #doctorwho

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Where I would put my money… If I had any left! :P #doctorwho #tardis #moneybank

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I GOT MY DOCTAH!!!!!! And look at his cute little sonic screwdriver! Eeeeep! #doctorwho Woop! Also a #weepingangel #dontblink

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