"For once, Oliver won’t be a smooth operator when he and Felicity do go on that date. “Let’s just say, Oliver is the one who has trouble completing sentences,” Kreisberg hints."

—Andrew Kreisberg talks Olicity date with THR.com (via holy-smoaked)
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First look at Roy Harper in full Arsenal attire! [x]

Uhhhhh, damn. Looking good, Harper, 

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Things a Book Addict Might Say After a Book Shopping Spree

1: I should have bought that book, argghhhhhhh (dammit!)
2: Okay, not looking at the bill again.
3: Now, to get these inside my room/house/apartment without anyone noticing...
4: Hm, where should I put you, new books?
5: I will not regret this!
What do you say after a book shopping spree?
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It’s my birthday month! For July’s giveaway there will be two winners and the selection of books is from my “Favorites” shelf on GoodReads. I know there are a lot of books on here that are unfamiliar to some of you and I encourage you to not overlook them for the more popular titles! While I love all of these books there are several here that I hope you all will consider  reading even if it’s out of your comfort zone.

Here are the GoodReads synopses:

To Enter:

  • Follow Becki’s Bookshelf on Tumblr
  • Reblog the monthly post and cite one of the listed books that you would like to receive

The Rules:

  • Must be following Becki’s Bookshelf. These giveaways are only for my super awesome followers.
  • Must enter with an active blog - no giveaway bot blogs. I will be checking.
  • The winners have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • These giveaways are International.
  • The winners will choose one of the the offered books in paperback or digital format only.
  • The book will be from the Book Depository or Amazon, therefore the winner must be willing to give me a shipping address.
  • Reblog as often as you want just don’t swamp your followers and make people hate me. Likes don’t count as an entry.
  • Giveaways are run on US CST (GMT -6). Any reblogs posted after midnight CST on the last day of the month will not be valid.
  • Giveaway tag is: Beckis Book Giveaway
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"You mean a date? A date-date? Like an actual date?"

—Felicity Smoak - Season 3 (per Marc Guggenheim) X (via stilettoroyalty)
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DAMN YOU CAPTAIN!! Why you gotta be such a tease??!!

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Seriously, when Felicity confirms with Oliver that he’s asking her out on a date-date, I want him to respond with, “Yes, I’m asking you out on a date-date because I want you to be my girl-girl.”

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hello everyone! :D 

i’m going to keep this brief: in honor of reaching 2,000 followers, i am going to give someone two books!!! here are the rules!

  1. please be following me.
  2. you may like/reblog to enter.
  3. this giveaway is international.
  4. it is open until august 22nd.
  5. winner must respond within 24 hours.
  6. books will be paperback, unless hardcover is the only option available.
  7. if you want a sequel/different book by one of these authors, i will happily get you that instead.
  8. and yeah! good luck :D
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my anonymous friend sent me this and i thought this was really beautiful


it’s literally scary how much this post is me

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To celebrate 1K followers (200 late because of uni and moving), I’m hosting another giveaway!  I’m hosting it with The Book Depository because it worked perfectly last time!  I picked out the first books I saw on my dashboard because if you reblog it, then you like it or want it, and this is a thank you to all of you!

The books to choose from: 

Pride and Prejudice, Divergent, Looking for Alaska, A Great and Terrible Beauty, If I Stay, The Sky is Everywhere, Lola and the Boy Next Door, This Is What Happy Looks Like, and The Final Empire


  • Open internationally 
  • Because this is a giveaway for my followers, you must be following me (I will check!)
  • You can like or reblog this as much as you want, but don’t spam your own wonderful followers with it :)
  • No giveaway blogs please!
  • There is just one winner
  • The winner has to be comfortable with giving me their address (I can’t send you the books otherwise!)
  • If the winner doesn’t reply in 24 hours, I’ll pick another winner
  • You can pick hardcover or paperback, and whichever edition you want as long as it’s under $20 (because some covers are just prettier than others or look nicer on different people’s bookshelves)
  • Ends on 31 July! (Because it’s Harry’s birthday I don’t know haha)

Good luck and thank you all for being lovely human beings!

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More fun with dinos #diy #floatingbookshelves

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